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Xiangyi MO & Jingwen Wang
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Both Xiangyi and Jingwen are self-taught artists from China, now living in Melbourne, Australia.

They met for the first time in late 1973 and got married in mid 1976. They have been working as full-time artists since 1975.

Jingwen worked for The Agricultural Bank of China as a graphic designer, her main role was preparing and producing advertising materials such as posters and slides etc. Xiangyi worked as an artistic editor for Hunan Daily.

Jingwen was very good at painting and drawing fauna and flora, while Xiangyi was well-known for his ability to depict people's daily lives in their natural settings and as a result of this, they were both invited by the Australia-China Friendship Society to come to Australia to create and complete a painting project for the Bicentennial Celebration.

The painting, named 'Harvest of Endurance,' (depicting two hundred years history of Australian Chinese), now the property of Australian National Museum, is a scroll 50 metres in length and is considered to be the longest one of its kind in the world.

They set up their art studio in Melbourne in 1990, mainly working for educational publishers. Around 40 percent of their work is text-related illustrations, and the other 60 percent is picture books for children, mainly folk-tales around the world.

Since 1990 they have illustrated over 50 books for children.



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