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Christian linhan Ye

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Christian linhan Ye  illustrator artist
Christian linhan Ye  illustrator artist
Christian linhan Ye  illustrator artist
Christian linhan Ye  illustrator artist
Christian linhan Ye  illustrator artist
  Christian linhan Ye  illustrator artist



LinHan Ye (Christian), was born in Shanghai China in 1985.
He showed great interest in painting and drawing when he was very young.
After finishing primary school he went to an art school called HuaShan Art Senior High and majored in traditional painting and drawing like sketching, watercolor, oil painting, etc. He received several awards given by the school and several pieces of works were published in some painting books.

After completing senior high school, LinHan gained entry to Art & Design School of JiaoTong University, a well-known university in Shanghai. He spent one whole semester training and improving his drawing skills by attending classical painting classes before coming to Auckland University of Technology.

In AUT he majored in Art & Design and spent a lot of time on illustration courses as well as graphic design. In 2006 he completed the bachelor course with a graduation exhibition in Aotea Centre. Before that, he was nominated as one of the 20 semi-finalists in the PANPRINT calendar competition 2007.

"As a young art student who wants to be a real artist and designer in the future, I am still keeping accumulating my experience and knowledge about drawing techniques and usage of multimedia. Art & Design is a really charming area for me because in this area you can fully express your unique personality and unpreventable creativity without being accused as a dreamer. Cuz you know, art is about creating untouchable emotional world and bringing imagination into reality. This is why it's so exciting. Starting drawing in the primary school, I always have a great passion in visual art and related aspects. My goal is very simple, to combine the Baroque lighting drawing skills and modern graphic elements together and make great visual stuff. Surely it's not so easy as talked because neither of them is easy to handle. That keeps me working on it, with a great passion."



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